There’s no end in sight when it comes to rumors and speculation about who will end up in the director’s chair for the, as yet untitled, Star Wars VII. There’s a lot of hats being thrown into the ring and sometimes it’s not even the director in question doing the throwing.

Jason Flemying was doing some red carpet interviewing the other night at the premiere of Seven Psychopaths and (In response) talked about the possibility that Mathhew Vaughn might get the director gig.

**(When you watch the video please note that it is the INTERVIEWER who originates the thought and brings up the possibility that Vaughn would get the directing job and not Flemyng, he just answers the interviewers question.)**

Everyone wants to connect the dots of Vaughn’s exit from X-Men: Days of Future Past to the announcement of Disney‘s purchase of Lucas Films and that Star Wars VII, VIII, & IX would be made. Now it seems that even someone just answering a question about a possibility put to them is confirming the rumor itself. At least at other sites talking about this.

Maybe it’s just me but that’s the way I saw this whole thing. Flemyng is not dropping hints, confirming, or letting slip anything here except that if Vaughn were to get the job, Flemyng would love to be involved. Who wouldn’t at this stage? Anyone cast in a major part would be assured years of work in the future.

What role might Flemyng play in the Star Wars Universe?

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