To bring you up to speed – as if there’s anyone reading this post who isn’t already – next year will mark the 50th anniversary of the longest running science-fiction television series, Doctor Who. Fifty is big milestone for anything to reach, but the weird and wonderful series, Doctor Who?! That’s truly an achievement, and it’s expected the BBC is going to celebrate big for the series’ golden jubilee. Just how big we still don’t know.

Earlier today the BBC released a statement announcing their upcoming drama productions, of which one is the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special,

Drama on BBC One takes another big leap in 2013 in the shape of some major event dramas, including The Village, Ripper Street, Luther, The White Queen and the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. These shows will bring a rich range of tones and worlds to BBC One’s fiction.

Pretty bland with no real details about the special, right? In fact, it caused worry that this statement seemed to allude to there being only one special, but I feel confidant it’s stated that way because they themselves haven’t finalized what they’re doing. Besides, we already know Mark Gattis is writing a docu-drama about the early days of Who, and of course the series’ itself will be marking the milestone. But with what?

This is where you’ve got to be an internet super sleuth to deduce what might be happening, and thankfully Bleeding Cool is just that. The venerable Doctor Who news blog, Blogtor Who, made a post earlier today with some details from trusted sources about what Steven Moffat & co. have planned for the big 5-0. Then quickly deleted it, but not before Bleeding Cool’s Brendon Connelly could report on it.

To begin with the sources for these details are referred to as “trusted” and with “no reason to lie,” so there’s that. Take it as you will. The title of the special will be “The Eleven Doctors” and all eleven – yes, even those dead guys – will be featured. The “all” was even bolded.

It continues with there are two versions of the special being scripted, one with more and one with less for 9th Doctor, Christopher Eccelston, to do depending on how much he’d like to be involved. And remember, we did just hear from Eccelston yesterday where he wasn’t as firm in his denial of his involvement.

Blogtor reported this special will film in February and have a runtime of 90 minutes. It’s also said the special will be tied into Series 7 Part 2,

Series 7 Part 2 (8 episodes airing in Spring 2013) will lead into the 50th Anniversary with appearances from past Doctors in some stories. [I should add, I’ve only heard this from one person and, personally, I’m not too sure of its veracity. Included for completion.]

As you can see, all this information was garnered from multiple sources, but Blogtor Who trusted them – at least long enough to initially publish the article – so there may be a few grains of truth in here. The original article, dead link here, was deleted pretty quickly which leads me to suspect maybe somebody was able to trick Blogtor Who into thinking these rumors had some creedence, but the truth is we just don’t know.

What’s described above almost sounds too good to be true, really. A special somehow incorporating all eleven Doctors? It’s a Whovian’s dream come true! Which makes it seem all the more unlikely. Though, I think it could be done. There’s a marvelous fan film project (Part 1 here) by YouTuber Babelcolour that unites 10 Doctors through the magic and trickery of video editing. And that’s just one guy! Imagine what the BBC could pull off officially!

What are your thoughts on this recent development? Bunch of wishful thinking, or have we been given a glimpse of what’s coming in 2013?

(Header art by Andy Lambert, whose gallery you simply must check out for more amazing Doctor Who art!)

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