‘X-Files’ Third Film Still in Limbo

A while back, we shared some news about the possibility of another X-Files film making its way to theaters.  While there are no solid plans as of yet, the two main stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Andersen, as well as Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz are all ready to go should Fox give them the thumbs-up.  Unfortunately, it’s still in limbo, though Spotnitz had a few things to say about the X-Files in general.

He stated that there is no script yet, but that if it ever got made the story would be aimed at finishing up the main plotline, thus putting a cap on the franchise.  He also expressed his belief that while Fox may opt out of making a third film (mostly due to the crap performance of the second), they likely wouldn’t go long without thinking seriously about a television reboot.  Considering the value of the X-Files brand name and the tendency of studios to recycle their popular copyrights, a second run at the show wouldn’t be much of a stretch.

And so, the X-Files continues to remain ignored if not forgotten.  What do the NerdReaders think?  X-Files movie #3 or a complete reboot for the series?


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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