Kevin Smith has been talking (and talking and talking) again about what’s supposedly going to be his last film, the hockey flick Hit Somebody. Smith stays pretty busy with books, TV shows, speaking engagements and about six billion podcasts so it’s natural that there hasn’t been a lot of progress on the actually getting the damn film made front.

So it was something of a bomb when Smith let it be known in an interview with The Playlist that Hit Somebody will no longer be the two movie magnum opus that he’s been intending since he started talking about it last summer before the release of Red State.

The problem with ‘Hit Somebody’ is that I wanted to do it as two movies. It’s tough to get one hockey movie made, let alone two. So I’ve switched back to one movie. I had one-and-a-half scripts that I had to get down to one. I want to get it down to a 150-page script and I know that’s longer than the average script length but I figure I give myself a two-and-a-half hour length on paper knowing that I’m really ruthless in editorial and I can get it down to 2, 2:05, because this is a movie that takes place over 30 years,” he explained. “So at the end of the day if I can get the script down to 150 pages then I can pull the trigger and we’re off and running. And right now I’m at page 240. So I’ve still got to page 90 pages out. It’s a lot of material that I’m just paring down.

But… someone later wrote into /Film via their Tweeter feed that Smith was talking (and talking and talking) at a Q&A in Edmonton, Alberta about how Hit Somebody might possibly now be a miniseries. Nothing written in stone, but apparently, Smith and cohort/bestie will talk about it in episode 99 of Jay and Silent Bob Get Old.

As for when we might ever actually be able to see this film, Smith had some words (and words and words) about that too.

I’ve been occupying myself with ‘Spoilers’ or the ‘Jay And Silent Bob’ tour from which the EPIX special comes, I wrote the book, and there’s other TV stuff coming down the pike that’s kind of exciting. I’ve been keeping myself busy. People are like ‘What’s with that last movie?’ And it’s like, well, it is my last movie so I’m going to do it right and do it on my own timetable. I feel no need to rush into production. I still want to do it for as little money as possible. You’re talking about a movie that takes place between 1950 and 1980 – period piece. It’s going to be expensive, in a way that none of my other conversation pieces have been expensive, because those were pretty much set in the present. You’re talking about not only dressing motherfuckers through 30 years of period, but all the equipment, cars, so it’s going to cost a little bit of money. I’m going to try and keep it low. When I say a little bit of money I’m talking about $20 – 30 million.

If you ask me, Smith is going to keep talking about Hit Somebody, because the more he talks about whether or not its going to be two movies or a miniseries, the less he actually has to get down and make this and deal with the fact that he doesn’t really want to make his last movie. Expect to hear about Clerks 3 any day now.

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