While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected, and we can’t help you fix any past holiday humbuggery, maybe we can help you get this holiday season off to a good…

Now hear this! I am taking back this holiday gift guide in the name of Hannukah! For too long the Festival of Lights has lived in the shadows of other December based holidays. Even Festivus, that ironic sitcom born hipster holiday, feels more celebrated than the eight crazy nights of oil and flame and socks from grandma.

So this year, I am leading the charge to win the war for Hannukah! No longer will we be relegated to endcaps and afterthoughts on holiday lists. This time, we’re taking front and center with these 8 Amazing Hannukah gifts (that you can also buy people for Christmas or whatever else you buy gifts for)!

Night Number One: Give the gift of this awesome Evil League of Evil Shirt and show your team spirit. The shirt is available in 4 different colors in sizes S-2XL and as a baby doll tee as well from T Shirt Laundry. You can buy this splendid gift for $18.00. Check it out here.


Night Number Two: As if delivered unto us by God, MacGyver, or the Swiss Army, this handy shot glass comes with a 1GB flash drive that contains 60 one minute long drinking songs that are designed to be played while you hurl yourself toward alcohol poisoning and try to forget the Holiday Season’s heaping loads of Triple F (that’s Forced Family Fun).

The songs are good too, becoming really good as you work toward the end of the album and whichever bottle of devil water you picked from your shelf.

In all seriousness, drink responsibly. Drinking games are just as much fun when you do them with soda pop or Yoo Hoo.

You can find Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game Album on her website here. It can be bought for $29.99.

Night Number Three: For the purposes of being the baddest Star Wars fan on the block and looking good at Temple or at the Disco, you can wear this fantastic Luke Skywalker Jacket. “What’s that hanging from your neck?” the ladies will ask, “Oh, that’s my medal of bravery, I got it when I blew up the Deathstar.” you’ll say as you close the deal. You can get the jacket in Medium, Large, and Extra Large here on Entertainment Earth for $75.00, it used to be almost $300, so hurry.

Night Number Four: Quantum Leap, the late 80s and early 90s masterpiece, starred Scott Bakula as time jumping scientist Dr. Sam Beckett, a man who righted wrongs while hoping that the next leap, would be the leap home. You know it as the greatest science fiction television show of all-time, now own every episode on DVD by clicking here and paying $172.44 on Amazon, also Ziggy says that there is a 99.9% chance that all 5 seasons of Quantum Leap can be found on Netflix Instant as well. It’s a Hannukah miracle!

Night Number Five: What’s better than a cookie? A ninja cookie. Check out these thoroughly rad cookie cutters that are shaped like little ninjas from X-Treme Geek. You can buy them for just $6 here.

Night Number Six: Give the gift of words. Our very own Jeremy R! Hudson suggested Warren Ellis’ Supergod trade to me and it wound up being one of the best things I read this year. A spectacular book that comments on the nature of super-humans, the arms race, scientific ethics, and religion, Supergod should be under the tree or Hannukah bush of anyone who likes to read smart things with pretty pictures. Pick it up from Amazon here for just under $13.00.

Night Number Seven: Nobody likes their alarm clock, but if you had this bad boy, wouldn’t you have to reconsider? A TARDIS Projection Alarm Clock that shoots the time onto your wall through the magic of light and makes a TARDIS sound to wake you up. You can pick it up by going here and giving Entertainment Earth $40.00.

Night Number Eight: It isn’t a holiday without toys and DC Direct collected their Justice League figures together for this box set which features Aquaman, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, The Flash, and Cyborg. I can’t stand these costumes, but for only $85.00, I might have to overlook that and snap up this great deal from Entertainment Earth or from my local comic shop where I also spied this bad boy last week.

Alright, that is all the holiday help I can dish out. Be sure to check out the archive for our 12 Days of NerdMas (aka Nerdukah) here. and check back tomorrow for Sarah Moran’s list.


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