Let’s cover that last bit first. Zack Snyder‘s Superman reboot Man of Steel is currently in post-production, meaning the movie is not finished and has not been screened for anyone, anywhere, anyhow. So how is it that Yahoo! writer Jonathan Crow has the movie listed as one of the most disappointing movies of 2012? Sharing time with silver screen turds like Battleship and Red Dawn, two movies that were both terrible and released in 2012, Crow includes Man Of Steel (which is still months away from its June 14th 2013 release date) on the list based on… well, this:

“For the upcoming reboot, Man of Steel, director Zack Snyder took off Superman’s red briefs. That’s right, the 300 director changed the iconic uniform of the Last Son of Krypton, and he now looks as if he should be on a luge instead of fighting crime. What happened to tradition?”

Yup, it’s the underoo’s on the outside bit again. Don’t get me wrong raging against the costume change has been a hobby for many of us, myself included, yet I do find it a bit presumptuous to declare the movie disappointing on that alone. Let’s also not forget that it is a list of disappointing movies from 2012 and Man Of Steel comes out in 2013. While I may not be a time lord, I do know how a calender works so this strikes me as being a little off. Preemptively calling a movie disappointing before seeing anything more than a teaser and a few set photos seems to be a little silly, even for internet journalism. Let’s wait till we see some more stills, a little footage, a full trailer or, heck, maybe the movie itself before we call it bad names?

Semi-related. Fans of the Dark Knight Rises Facebook page were treated today to a new poster for Man Of Steel. You can see it for yourself after the jump, but first let me add my two cents. Yes, the costume still irks me, it just doesn’t seem right. The lack of red outer-undies makes the suit look incomplete to me still, yet I am not calling the movie disappointing. It has few months to earn that label still.

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