So, the Justice League movie. They don’t have a director, they don’t have a script, they don’t have any stars, but they have a release date, and now they have a villain too.

And could it be any more obvious…

Darkseid. It’s Darkseid!

So it’s the obvious choice, why? Because Darkseid is the biggest bad in the DC Universe. The god-like despot of the planet Apokolips, is always up to something that the Justice League, either individually or as a group, have to thwart. The character has appeared in several animated series over the years including Super Friends (voiced by Frank Welker), Superman and Justice League (voiced by Michael Ironside) and the recent direct-to-DVD animated flick Superman/Batman: Apocalypse (voiced by Andre Braugher).

So is this a case of counter-programming? Rumor has it that the mad titan Thanos will be the bad guy in The Avengers 2, which, oddly enough, comes out the same summer that Justice League is scheduled to come out during. And that means that once again Thanos and Darkseid will be facing off against one and other like they did in JLA/Avengers, the comic book crossover that brought the two super-teams together. And yes, only one will leave the arena (or box office) alive.

Presuming, of course, that Justice League finds a director, script and actors in time for a 2015 release date.

What do you Bastards have to say about this development? And while we’re at it, who could play a live-action Darkseid?

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  • DC Dude

    Wasn’t Darkseid originally a Legion of SH(30th Century) bad guy? He cloned Superboy and one of Shadow Lass’ ancestors and some others for his thugs…

    • Tomontherun99

      Nah, he was first in Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series of comics back in the 70s, laid dormant for a bit as DC didn’t know what to do with him then brought him back as the villain of the Legion’s Great Darkness Saga

  • Crewmanguy

    This is the exact kind of stupidity I’d expect from a Hollywood exec. Justice League should and could be an awesome movie on its own, but by using a similar bad guy (evil purple space god) and having the same release date, they basically are ripping off Avengers. Kind of how every studio had a giant meteor movie or end of the world movie at the same time.
    Warner’s had a chance way back to do this movie before Marvel even announced the first Iron Man, but turned it down. I’d love for them to believe in the DC characters instead of just trying to copy Disney/marvel.