While the flux-capacitor hasn’t been perfected, and we can’t help you fix any past holiday humbuggery, maybe we can help you get this holiday season off to a good start.

For the next 12 days (Dec 1st-12th), the staff of Nerd Bastards will be listing a few of their favorite nerdy things. Gadgets, doohickeys, thingamabobs and more – all sorts of  items that have been Nerd tested and Bastard approved.  Basically,  stuff you want, things you need, and everything you can’t have.

We hope you’ll  find some unique and nerdtastic gifts among our selections, and that they make their way under your tree, Menorah or Kwanzaa bush.

Hit the jump for Sarah Moran’s list of Nerdful things. Check back tomorrow for Regina Lizik’s list. To see archive of this feature, click HERE.

As nerds, we like to put a twist on almost everything. Which is why, sure, a frying pan is something every kitchen shouldn’t be without, but frying pans are boring. You need a set of pots and pans with sword hilts! Combat Kitchenware is a Kickstarter campaign and they’re goal has already been surpassed. You can still get a variety of pan sizes through donating either $27 for a handle kit to craft your own up to a $275 donation which would get you a customized handle on your pan.


Mornings are hard. That’s why there’s tea, or coffee, or Irish coffee, or maybe you forget the coffee and just drink the whiskey straight. I’m not judging. But I do suggest your check our these funny, geeky, and sometimes wrong mug cozies from KnotworkShop on Etsy. Besides the awesome Jaws quote above, there are Doctor Who cozies, including a pair labeled “Doctor” and “Companion,” words and phrases like “<sarcasm>”, “don’t panic”, “I’m a fucking professional!”, and “I am blogging this.” Basically, I dare you to look through the collection and tell me you can’t find a mug cozie you or someone you know would love to have for a mere $13-$25.

Never be accidentally walked in upon again! With this Star Trek-inspired door chime you’ll be alerted whenever anyone crosses the threshold into your room or office. Can be set with either the  door opening sound effect or the Red Alert alarm. Also, now on sale at Think Geek for only $19.99!

I just love all of Funko’s Pop! vinyl figures. I have a Joker figure on my coffee table right now. The line only keeps growing with The Walking Dead‘s Daryl joining in January. Available now on Entertainment Earth are characters from Game of Thrones, The Hobbit, DC and Marvel superheroes, Disney characters, and many more. All for only $9.99!

No matter how often DC likes to change her outfit or alter her origin, Harley Quinn is still my girl.  But that doesn’t mean I’d buy a statue of her wearing anything besides her original, sexy, classy, and let’s be honest, practical for her line of work, leotard. This latest Bishoujo Statue, available at Entertainment Earth for $54.99, is too cute to pass up.

And speaking of cute, you couldn’t go wrong with these apron pinafores from DarlingAmy‘s Etsy shop. Perfect for either the kitchen or convention floor she’s got a designs from Doctor Who, Star Wars, Legend of Zelda, Adventure Time, and more. Ranging from about $65 t0 $100 these sadly won’t be available in time for Christmas, but knowing this is what you’re waiting for, I think it’s okay.

The only thing I want more than this Portal customizable Aperture Labs handheld portal device is an actual working Aperture Labs handheld portal device. This non-working model is available at Entertainment Earth for $99.99, but I’m sure with some tweaking you might be able to get the thing shooting portals. Maybe. For Science!

I bought myself this set during a Black Friday sale, but still, if you don’t yet own a full set of The Lords of the Rings trilogy this is the best bang for your buck. It’s got everything: the extended edition of all three films plus all of the special features and appendices ever released. It’s 15 discs for only $55.99 on Amazon.

Also available on Amazon is this new box set of the first six volumes of the Sailor Moon manga. Newly translated and restored, the manga is a true classic and surprisingly different from the anime series. With a new anime releasing next year it’s the perfect time to check out the manga that started it all. Only $40.86!

And lastly, a lightsaber. Who hasn’t always wanted one? Nobody, that’s who. You offer someone a lightsaber and you will have their eternal gratitude. Think Geek has these authentic replicas licensed from Lucasfilm for $119.99. But if you’re looking for something with a more personal touch there’s a variety of custom shops including Ultra Sabers and Saber Forge.

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