The opening for Joss Whedon’s The Avengers is a half-year past, and Marvel Studios is steadily pushing forward, cranking out more super hero films for their “phase 2” project.  One of those movies is, obviously, an Avengers sequel.  Whedon will be at the helm once more and, according to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he’s putting the project into gear.

It may not be exciting news, but it’s news none-the-less – the first outline for Avengers 2 has left the hands of Joss Whedon and is now in the care of Marvel Studios.  Whether they choose to go with what he has to offer or decide instead to chop it up and make it their own baby is another story.

And so, it’s on its way… sort of.  Look forward to waiting another 2 ½ years, since Avengers 2 isn’t scheduled to release until May 1, 2015.


Thanks to /film for the update.

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