It may seem pointless to speculate about where a show that is known for it’s twists, turns, and surprise zombie attacks will go, but look at it this way: it’s goona take me a lot longer to write this than it will for you to read it.

Disclaimer: The following is probably bullshit. Basically this guy watched the trailer for the second half of the third season of The Walking Dead and he thinks he knows what he’s talking about. With that said, one could consider these to be spoilers if they believe in his psychic ability and there also some giveaways from the mid-season finale, so gird your loins. 

So, what tools do I have at my disposal that will allow me to make spot on predictions when it comes to the direction of The Walking Dead? Well, I’ve seen every episode of the series multiple times, read every issue of the comic, and if none of that matters — and it really doesn’t — I’ve closely studied the trailer (below) that AMC is passing around and I believe it gives away a bit. How much? I’ll let you decide, but I have noted, via timestamp, a few instances in the trailer that scream out at me. Press play on the trailer and then read along.

00:01 – Right off the bat we see some kind of thick smoke covering the area where Merle and Daryl were being held captive by The Governor. We can see some of his people on the ground, one guy is holding his ears and another henchman has a gun and is looking around. The Governor is looking off in the distance, eerily calm.

Theory: Rick and company went back and rescued the brothers Dixon. More on why I think they rescued both brothers in a little bit.

00:13 – We see The Governor spying on someone through a scope that is attached to some kind of gun. This is after we have seen Andrea tell him that she needs to go see Rick’s group at the prison and we have seen her leading a walker by a pole toward the prison gates.

Theory: This one is more a guess than the others, but up around the 00:18 second mark it is revealed that The Governor both tells someone that he doesn’t know where “her” loyalties lie (gotta be Andrea, right?) and stands outside of a car and fires off numerous rounds with a gun that has a scope on it. Is The Governor using Andrea as bait to get the prison group out from behind their walls so that he can pick off some of them? Seems like a risky move, but we don’t know how sane he is at this point.

00:15 – Daryl running through the woods, so clearly he got free from Woodbury. Part One of the Dixon Brother Rescue Prophecy is proven true. Spooky.

Theory: Ain’t no need for a theory here, this one is a fact Jack.

00:20 – The second part of the prophecy: Glenn is in the woods and shouts “What the hell is he doing here!?” before pointing a gun at whoever it is that is with Rick and Maggie. Michonne comes running in with her sword slightly raised as well.

Theory: Could this be Glenn reacting to Daryl’s return after he split from the group to check on Merle? Is he seeing hallucinations of Shane too? Nothing is impossible but it is more likely that Rick has Merle with him and Glenn and Michonne are just reacting in a sour way because Merle tried to kill them both. They’re so sensitive.

Alright, now I know there are other questions that spring up after watching the trailer: What’s up with Beth kissing Rick on the cheek? Why does Carl want Rick to stop being the leader? Why is Herschel yelling at Rick? Where the hell is Tyrese? Is Milton ever going to be anything more than useless? How about Andrea? All of those questions will hopefully be settled or on their way to getting settled when the show comes back on Sunday February the 10th.



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