‘Pan’s Labyrinth’… The Musical!

I cringe every time I hear that someone is adapting some movie or another into a musical stage play.  But apparently audiences like them, because people keep making the damn things.  This time around, it’s Guillermo del Toro’s fairy tale, Pan’s Labyrinth that’s getting the musical work-over.

Perhaps even more surprising is that del Toro is actually heading the project, which he’s been working on for several years now, looking for the perfect crew to do the job.  And though it’s finally getting underway, it will be some time before the finished product is ready to go, being as how the crew is only now being put together.

Currently, there’s a stage version written up, courtesy of del Toro and Jeremy Ungar.  They’ve signed Paul Williams to do the lyrics and award-winner Gustavo Santaolalla will be charge of making the music.

The only thing about this that doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes in disgust is del Toro’s involvement.  What do the folks out there think?  Can this dark film even be translated to a musical?


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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