With this week’s earlier announcement what was going to be Kevin Smith‘s final film, the hockey flick Hit Someday, was being made into a mini-series many wondered if Smith was truly out of the movie business. He’s become a prolific podcaster, has a hit show on AMC, and hasn’t really had the same passion for making movies he once did. But it looks like there’s one project that’ll put him behind the camera one last time: Clerks III.

Clerks was about dude’s finding themselves in their 20s, Clerks II was about those same dudes rediscovering themselves in their 30s, what will Clerks III tackle? Well, it’ll obviously have something to do with Dante and Randal in their 40s but what we don’t know. In the past whenever Smith spoke about the possibility of a third Clerks film he said he’s make one if he came up with something to say about his 40s. Only two years into his fourth decade the man must have thought up something to say.

I’m a little surprised we heard something about Clerks III so soon, and that it sounds to be almost definite. Assuming Jeff Anderson signs, but I’m optimistic Smith will get it him. Trilogies are such a thing these days and you can’t have Clerks without Randal.

What do you think Smith has come up to say about being 40? How will Dante and Randal reflect that? And, let’s be honest here, do you think that stoner even has a script yet?

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