Samuel L. Jackson Wants To Talk Star Wars VII

Samuel L. Jackson, (Mr. Jackson if you’re nasty), is throwing his hat into the Star Wars VII ring. He recently talked with E! News about his desire to remain associated with the franchise he loves.

“I’m not surprised but totally geeked by the idea of there being more Star Wars. It’s like, okay, Obi-Wan was dead when episode four started, so maybe everyone thinks I’m dead and we’ll find out what happened to Mace Windu. I can come back as one-armed or a one-handed Jedi that’s still around that didn’t actually die.”

“I could do that or be a ghost hologram. I don’t care, I just want to stay associated with the franchise.”

“I just always loved it. I always loved the idea of it, that there’s this whole civilization out there somewhere else that’s just as much fun and different and diverse and wild as we are.” 

What do you think? We never really saw the body so there’s plenty of wiggle room to bring Mace Windu back. We saw Anakin fall through the speeder filled sky of Coruscant, so it’s not a stretch to see a Jedi Master like Mace Windu save himself as easily.

Star Wars VII is scheduled for release in 2015.

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  • That’s awesome that he still wants in any way he can 😀

  • Kerrick

    Make him play the Storm Troopers! AN ARMY OF SAMUEL L. JACKSONS! Definitely unbeatable. He’d be like “You cut off my arm… I send my freaking army after you sucka!”

  • Dave

    sir there’s only room for one black guy in the galaxy and I’d prefer lando over mace anyday

    • This is not a 90′ teen movie where there can only be one brother … They can both be there as they are both so different.

      Lando is the smooooooth muther’F’er who can get the ladies with a bottle of Colt 45 (search youtube for the commercials

      Mace is a Badass Jedi.

  • Matt

    He might have gone into exile like Yoda. Mace Windu is a great character.
    So what if he isn’t in the current books of canon? He’d be just as good
    “back from the dead” as Boba Fett. Even though Boba Fett dies in the
    movies, Dark Horse Comics’ “Dark Empire” series were able to write him
    back into the universe. Why not Mace Windu?

    • agreed, Mace is a great character. And they did bring Boba back. The book the ‘Tales of the Bounty Hunters’ there is a great story of how Boba came back had tons of health problems from being in the Sarlak pit for years but was still hunting down Han Solo.