In two weeks we’ll get our holiday dose of Doctor Who, the Christmas special that’ll hopefully keep Whovians content until the season returns later in 2013. Ha! Like it’s possible to be content and happy with the Who you have, we’re always craving more.

Continuing to promote “The Snowmen,” Matt Smith was chatting with Bangshowbiz and was asked again about his Who exit plans,

We’ve got Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary coming up in November 2013, and one assumes there’ll be another Christmas special after that, and I’d hope to be part of it. I take each year as it comes. All good things come to an end, but my mum is aghast at the thought of me ever not being the Doctor. The show is the star and will continue without me.

I’m committed to it next year and will sit down with Steven Moffat and see where we go from there. I’ve no immediate plans to leave. I’m around for a whole year and that’s a long time.

Maybe someone could play the Doctor for seven years like Tom Baker, but… it’s 10 months a year.

Thinking back on it now, it’s almost unbelievable Tom Baker was The Doctor for seven years. Today it’d be impossible to ask an actor to commit to a role like The Doctor for that long. I don’t believe Smith will be leaving the role any time soon, he’s only now moving on to his second companion. I’m hoping there’s still much to come from him and Moffat. I’m also predicting the two will leave the show at the same time, much like David Tennant and Russell T. Davies.

But let’s not continue to speculation on the when and why Smith might leave, let’s talk about what’s coming next. Like the new TARDIS we’ll be seeing on Christmas Day! Hit the jump for another peek at the new TARDIS interior.

Things are sure lookin’ different with The Ponds gone. What do you think of the new design so far?

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