‘The Lone Ranger’ Sneak Peek Is Very Deppy

A full trailer for the long troubled Lone Ranger reboot should be released soon. Till then Walt Disney Pictures has decided to release a small taste of whats to come via ABC. Good Morning America had the honor of being the first morning chat/news show to awkwardly joke about Johnny Depp wearing a bird for a hat plus give us the low down on the mask that Armie Hammer wears as the titular character. Did you know that it was felt on the old TV show but now leather for the movie?

I am off to go update Wikipedia, while I do that you enjoy the clip after the jump. Fair warning, it is straight from ABC so stop it after a minute lest you be exposed to the latest gossip about Taylor Swift and Harry Styles. Looks like she is going to Yoko Ono the band One Direction. I’ll update that wiki too.


The Lone Ranger rides back into cinemas July 3rd, 2013. Directed by Gore Verbinski and also starring Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Wilson, Helena Bonham Carter, James Frain, James Badge Dale and William Fichtner.

Via: ABC News

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  • SilverBullet

    Easy to see why Depp is being pushed in the trailer, he’s the bigger of the two names and the studio is banking on him to sell the movie not Hammer