It’s been a busy week for Star Trek fans with revelations, or fake-outs depending on how you look it at. And because teaser trailers, random tweets and publicity photos aren’t enough, the director himself, J.J. Abrams, is wading into the debate, and that debate is about just who the heck Benedict Cumberbatch is playing in Star Trek Into Darkness. So who’s he playing? Khan? Gary Mitchell? “John Harrison”? Throw us a bone, J.J.!

Here’s the bone J.J. threw to MTV:

Rather than answer anything that would give away anything fun from the movie… the character that Benedict plays… he brings such an incredible power. His voice alone is unbelievable. He brings a force to it that when I think you see the movie hopefully this character, all speculation aside, will be really compelling. Not because of any connection to anything past, but because of who he is and what he brings to it.

Not just his backstory, but his agenda, his plan, his secret… all of that is what I think makes him such a frightening and cool villain. But also, you know, a real villain that are not just two dimensional angry vengeful types don’t see themselves as the bad guy. They are the good guy, they’ve got complete rational and motivation. So I think true to form, the character Benedict plays has an absolute sense of right and wrong, and he’s certainly on the right side.

“His secret…” So there is a secret about Cumberbatch, like his real identity.

Ugh. Actually, I’m sick of this guessing game. Wake me up when May 17 gets here.

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