Remember the shitty Deadpool in Wolverine: Origins? Yeah, I get the whole thing wasn’t that great… but, y’know, that one thing that made us all want to cry in agony a few years ago when he became “Weapon XI”? Yeah, I wish I didn’t remember it either.

Most people thought it was pretty bad. What most people didn’t know is that it could have been a helluva lot worse. I didn’t believe that… until I saw this.

Amalgamated Designs is one of the visual effects companies that worked on the film, and they’ve released a compilation of 82 different possible portrayals of Deadpool in the film. Since they went through so many potential designs, be prepared to see a wide range of things.

Here, in quick succession, are 82 variations on Deadpool. It was our job to satisfy the many creative voices on the show, from director Gavin Hood to the Producers and Studio, so we generated a huge selection of artwork from complete direction changes to subtle variations like tweaks to eye color. This is why having a design phase at the start of preproduction is so valuable. We’ll never satisfy everyone with a design, but an exploratory like this lets us consider the options.

You know what would’ve been good?

Something that looked like this:

Just sayin’.

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