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It don’t matter if your husband is one of the five brightest minds of the Marvel universe, If Namor is looking to break off a piece he’ll oil himself up more then a chippendales dancer. A collaborative piece by Jae Lee and Jose Villarubia this shows just how deadly the Sub-Mariner is when he’s sick of getting Dolphin tail. [Comics Alliance]

Hit the jump for Sailor Moon, Zombies and MOAR.

Now this is a Sailor Moon that’s seen some shit, not the Sailor Moon that uses love to save the day. If there was some kind of gritty reboot this would be a perfect representation of it, now if we only knew who drew this awesome shot. *If this happens to be yours by all means let us know, we’ll credit you. [Comic Book Women]

We’ve seen the characters of Street Fighter look the same twenty-five years, even the 1994 movie had them looking the same. So artist Filip Acovic brought it upon themselves to give the famous fighters a bit more realism then Jean-Claude Van Damme could handle, featuring Guile, Zangief, Balrog, Blanka and Sagat in a more realistic setting. Sagat does look like Filip just redrew Wes Studi, which could be weird if he’s never seen the movie. [Geek Tyrant]

You know you’ve got gold when Joss Whedon has seen this and featured it on his Facebook page, which is exactly what happened to Ry-Spirit. An animal take on the famous comic book characters, you can’t help but grin at Thor flying through the air with his tongue sticking out. Still wouldn’t mess with the Hulk cat, a scratched sofa would be the least of our worries. [Deviant Art]

Ken Haeser didn’t just draw one X-Men/Muppets cover -he drew six, each featuring a different Muppet. Hit the link to see the Wolverine/Animal mash-up cover, I would pay good money to see that series get made for kids. [A Godly Servant]

Troy and Abed may have made their fictional morning show popular, but Star Trek‘s Data and Geordi were doing it before it was cool. A drawing by Halifax, Nova Scotia artist Faith Hicks, this became so popular that there are now several Tumblr related pages on the idea and with the holodeck on ship they could have been playing Inspector Spacetime too. Let’s see you run with that idea Internet. [Nerd Approved]

Spider-Man has always had some pretty awesome comic book battles, you don’t go 50 years in the comic book industry with having at least one or two at some point. So Francesco Mattina, an artist who’s done several covers for Marvel, put together the wicked one on one fight between Spider-Man and the proper, CG free, Lizard and judging by the destruction they’ve been at it for a while, two to three issues tops. [XombieDIRGE]

It’s not everyday you see two adversaries getting along like M.A.S.K‘s Gloria Baker and V.E.N.O.M’s Vanessa Warfield are here, but that day is today. [Deviant Art]

Pond’s a Zombie now, Zombies are cool. Artist Piers Hazell is the real killer of Amy Pond as well as an entire series of Zombie Doctor Who characters, each now rotted and looking for some wibbly, wobbly flesh.  [Deviant Art]

“It’s like Die Hard, but in a house” – Some movie exec somewhere. [Geek Tyrant]

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