So The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey made a lot of money overnight Thursday, and with this being Saturday now, we can only assume that a great many more of you have now also partaken in the experience and checked out the film. Of course you probably read Mel Valentin’s review of the film, and some of you didn’t like what he had to say about it. Right now you’re probably wondering, I wish there was some space on Nerd Bastards where I could launch my approval and/or disapproval of the film….

Well welcome to space!

Tell us now, what did you think of The Hobbit? Was it too long for you? Did your mind wander? Was it bad ass beyond belief? Did the 48 FPS make you hurl? Did it give you the bends? Does director Peter Jackson still have the touch? The power, if you will? Will this Hobbit trilogy be as *ahem* precious to you as Lord of the Rings? And are you now certain that you can’t wait till next December for the next chapter? Or may you want to leave a call with us to wake you up when you can just get the whole thing on Blu-ray and be done with it?

Answers to these questions – and many more unasked questions – can be posted below.

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  • Absolutely loved the movie last night. Was thoroughly engaged and not in the least bit bored. I saw the normal 2D version first, because I wanted to appreciate it for the story first. I will go and see the HFR 3D version next. If you are an avid fan of the book or the previous movies then everything about this movie sucks you in and holds you until the last moment and then leaves you gasping for more. It’s a rollicking fun ride. Bring on the next one!

  • chris grant

    for me it was…epic on a small scale and just freakin’ beautiful!! caught the midnight 3DImax showing so also snagged the posters and they are amazing, will be hanging them up in my downstairs abode 🙂 My next viewing will be the 48fps version. I loved every minute of the film and thought the actors did a wonderful job, Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman were amazing and can’t wait for the second movie to see the other dwarves get some more screen time, that would be my only complaint is that some of the characters seemed to much in the background at times. I kinda felt like Jackson made this movie for the fans more than trying to make a movie that would appeal to everyone, I loved every minute of the film, but if I wasn’t so enamored with the lotr trilogy I could see where people would call it ‘bloated’. But for me this will be my foray into Middle-Earth with these movies and I want every minute I can get!!

  • I’ll be the minority saying the movie felt overtly long, over-stuffed and quite naïve in its narrative and beared the same thematics as the Fellowship film did… only, far less subtle. While I understand why Jackson went this way or the other way, it just couldn’t hook me like LOTR did… nevertheless, I wish many people will love it, cherish it and make it the success it deserves. Just because I’m not a fan doesn’t mean it can’t be a great film for others, right?