We always thought that the Dead Space franchise would be less terrifying if you had a companion by your side. As it turns out, no… no it isn’t.

It’s still the same edge of your seat, white knuckle adventure into insanity it always was.

Visceral Games has released a new trailer that let’s us know  no matter how many people you have with you, the buddy system doesn’t mean anything in the decent into madness.

Clarke still appears to be batshit insane, I mean why else would the trailer focus on toy soldiers*(Editor’s note* Because toy soldiers are horrifying that’s why.)  and why would your co-op partner look like the necromorphs have taken hold of him? We are not ashamed to say we defiantly experience goosebumps during this video. Turn all your lights on a stay safe while you watch this..

Source: GeekTyrant

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