Early in 2013 DC Comics current golden boy, Batman and Swamp Thing writer Scott Snyder, will be writing a new book based on the company’s flagship character. A new Superman title called Man of Steel, a title undoubtedly chosen to tie it to the forthcoming Zack Snyder reboot with the same title starting the same character.

How close will Snyder’s (Scott) Man of Steel (comic) be to Snyder’s (Zack) Man of Steel (movie)? Recently in an interview with IGN Snyder talked about what he thought of the recently released trailer. The comic book Snyder that is, not the one that made the movie… this is getting confusing.

“I’m really excited for it. It’s hard because it’s just what I was hoping in that it doesn’t reveal too much at all, so I watch it and it just makes me eager to see it. I definitely was excited when you saw him about to fly and you saw his fist down and the ice started to shake and you got the sense that he really existed in the real world. You know what I mean? You can see something happening and it almost looks like a real-time molecular reaction there. It’s so interesting; it’s really what it’d look like and I never thought about that. I love Superman in the real world in a big way.”

“As much as I adore movies and stories that take place clearly in a world that’s more comic booky-y – I loved The Avengers (don’t kill me, DC) and Spider-Man – but at the same time I really loved the Dark Knight movies because they are so grounded in a realistic world. That definitely works for Batman, but I also think that’s a really interesting way to approach Superman and I will say that our Superman is deeply rooted in that idea. It’s not going to be the book where you see Superman fighting a lot of supervillains and a lot of crazy colorful space aliens and stuff like that.”

“There’s definitely a giant villain and a giant threat particular to the book that’s really going to shake Superman and really the whole world to its core, but we wanted it to be that also very firmly places Superman in the real world from the first issue. You see what it’s like, for example, when a building is falling how Superman has to solve that problem as the only person who can, with a thousand people trapped in that building. There’s that element of it where it’s really meant to be that idea of how does Superman cope with being Superman in the world with the giant, physical, bombastic challenges that come day-to-day? How does Superman stop a city from being demolished?”

If you read the whole interview, which you should cause he also talks about current events in Batman, his leaving Swamp Thing and the future of the critically adored American Vampire, the comic book writer reveals that his take on the Last Son of Krypton might be a little more grounded and reality based like the one the movie maker seems to be doing. It’ll be interesting to see if there is any synchronicity between the two.

Snyder (Scott) and Jim Lee‘s Man of Steel (comic book) hits shelves in ‘early 2013’ while Snyder’s (Zack) Man of Steel (movie) will be in theaters June 14th, 2013.


Source: IGN

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