Breaking X-Men news straight from Twitter! X-Men: Days of Future Past director, Bryan Singer tweeted out confirmation earlier today that Hugh Jackman will indeed be in the flick. Singer tweeting out casting news isn’t anything new, he did the same when he confirmed Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen would also be reprising their roles. Strangely though, since then both actors have said it isn’t a done deal they’ll be returning, sooo… hopefully we won’t get the same back-pedaling from Jackman.

Jackman’s return seems to me to be very likely. I mean, he agreed to return for the short, but totally awesome, may have been best moment of X-Men: First Class cameo, why not a larger role in Days of Future Past? If Stewart and McKellen are a go, and now Jackman, Days of Future Past could end up being the best X-Men flick yet. And who cares, damn those horrendous continuity errors!

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