Neil Gaiman Off the Book Tour Circuit After 2013

This news comes as a tragedy to me, being that Neil Gaiman is half of the reason I chose to take the path of a writer.  From his early years in the groundbreaking Sandman series to his move away from comics and into focusing on novels and children’s stories, Gaiman has been entertaining people for decades now.  But one thing that comes with the territory of writing books is doing the inevitable signing tours to both appease fans and bolster marketing.  These tours can be quite tiring, what with all the moving about and sleeping in hotels and dealing with hordes of fans every day.  So Gaiman has said that his 2013 signing tour for The Ocean at the End of the Lane will be his last.

In his own words:

I think the OCEAN AT THE END OF THE LANE tour will be the last actual signing tour I ever do.  They’re exhausting, on a level that’s hard to believe. I love meeting people, but the sixth hour of signing, for people who have been standing in a line for seven hours, is no fun for anybody. (The last proper US signing I did, it lasted over 7 hours and I signed for over 1000 people. I’d suspect a lot of the signings on this tour will be like that, or bigger.)

In an effort to go out with a bang, Gaiman has said he’ll be hitting more spots than usual and heading to countries that normally wouldn’t be on his list.  In addition, he’ll still be making other various public appearances, so people will have a chance to see him, hear him and potentially meet him in person if he happens by.

I guess the move is understandable.  He is getting on in years (no offense, Lord Gaiman), and that time saved touring could be used to write more books.  This imminent departure from the touring circuit has been apparent for some time, as Gaiman hasn’t done a full-scale tour since 2005, with Anansi Boys.

So, he’ll still be around, just not as much as we might hope.  (sad face)


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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