Wanna watch Mickey (Noel Clarke) from Doctor Who fight off a butt-ugly alien/monster in a storage facility? Of course you do!

What sounds like the best episode of Storage Wars ever, is actually a pretty siiiick British horror survival flick titled Storage 24. In it, Noel Clarke and 3 other Londoners face off against a ferocious fugly foe when a military plane crash wreaks havoc in a storage facility.

You can check out the bloody disgusting trailer below:

Sans the Prometheus/Inception “BRMMMM” scream sound, this trailer is a gore lovers dream. Bodies everywhere, and peoples innards being ripped out left and right. Nasty!
One of the things I like most about this trailer is the practical effects, and all of the blood and carnage that goes along with it. CG free monster flicks are few and far between these days, so it’s nice to see true creature effects.

Directed by Johannes Roberts, Storage 24 is available on VOD now, or you can wait until January 11 to catch it in theaters.

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