At a screening of the Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Snowmen” earlier this week, the same one where Steven Moffat spoke about the new TARDIS and their 50th anniversary plans, Peter Jackson was also in attendance and again was asked about the likelihood he’d ever direct or collaborate on an episode of Who. His response, given with a grin,Well, you never know, we may well do.

Is this some cheeky teasing or is there a chance? Ian McKellen supplied the voices of the snowmen in the upcoming Christmas special which could be why Jackson was at the screening. Or, since he and Moffat have worked together before on Tin Tin maybe they’re looking to work together again. Jackson’s an admitted fan of the series, so it doesn’t sound impossible.

What does sound unlikely is Jackson working on Doctor Who anytime soon. The director’s already announced he’s hoping to release the next Tin Tin flick in 2015, plus there’s that little job of finishing up those Hobbit sequels.

What do you think of Jackson working on Who? And when would you expect him to find the time? Would he insist it be shot in 48 fps?

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