Yesterday we brought up a rather questionable quote in an article published by Reuters referencing a possible plot piece in the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. The writer, Michael McDonald, didn’t seem to have much of a source when he dropped the proverbial thermite boring charge on nerds everywhere, casually announcing that the new movie would feature Luke Skywalker returning to Yavin 4 to start a new Jedi Temple. The Force.Net reached out to McDonald to ask WTF?

“This was a mistake. I misunderstood what fan clubs had told me and shown me in book plots and that story line has not been announced by Disney. Perhaps I should have written something along the lines of ‘Yavin 4 appears in several Star Wars book plots and while Guatemala fans said they hope film crews return to Tikal, the company has not announced plans for the new episode.'”

So it really was all just a misunderstanding after all, confusion between fan fantasy and the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Personally I am glad this news came out quick and we can quash this rumor before it spread to far. Now we can return to our regular wild Episode VII speculation and rumor spreading.

Source: The Force.Net


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