Good lord, does DC Comics know how to screw things up and royally piss of its fans, or what? After the infamous reboot, the constant marginalizing of their female characters, and still only having a handful of woman creators they went and made the BIG mistake of firing one of their best, Gail Simone. As her exclusive contract with DC was coming to an end she was informed, via email, she would no longer be writing Batgirl.

Needless to say, the outrage from the internet was colossal. The good news is all our ranting, bitching, and moaning actually did something, because today Simone tweeted this,

Hooray! We haz the power!

To influence DC editorial into reversing their asinine decision of firing her the first place. I mean, seriously, DC, have you learned nothing? I find it likely this decision was made because, as Bleeding Cool‘s Rich Johnston puts it, DC was afraid of, “every single person asking questions during convention season dressed up as Batgirl saying “Where’s Gail Simone?” To which Dan Didio would have some smart-alecky answer and the continued war between DC and its fans would continue.

Congratulations Gail! We here at Nerd Bastards couldn’t be happier you’re back on Batgirl! I’ll leave you with the last word,


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