Fans of DC Cmics, more importantly the Batman mythos, will know the back story behind faithful Wayne Manor associate and Bruce Wayne’s pseudo-father figure, Alfred Pennyworth. Besides dealing out words advice to Bruce, the butler was at one time – depending on the storyline, writer, etc – a variation of a spy, retired actor and intelligence agent.

Sounds awesome, too bad we never saw Christopher Nolan use any of that in his Dark Knight trilogy – kind of. While Alfred’s background was alluded to with his connection to the special forces in The Dark Kight Rises only bits and pieces were fully realized, which is kind of a bummer when you think about it. With sixty-nine years of information to pull from, all we get is a story about watching the world burn? Makes you wish there was more to it.

But this didn’t stop Michael Caine from building a complex backstory for the butler. He discussed the history while doing press for The Dark Knight Rises DVD and Blu-ray release. Jump ahead to the 1:05 mark for Caine’s take on the man behind the suit and tie.

Honestly, it’s not bad. Just that back story alone would explain how Alfred knows everything from understanding a criminal’s motivation to his ability to stitch up all of Bruce’s wounds. It would have been nice to see it all expanded upon, maybe even borrow a bit from the Batman “No Man’s Land” comic arc and have him use his skills to avoid capture from Bane’s henchmen in Dark Knight Rises.

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