This is the first of what we hope will become a series. An article that introduces you to a project creator that is trying to get funding for a comic, film, or other like creative endeavor that is both independent and interesting.

Here now is Jesse Grillo, comic book writer and the creator of Bleeding Ink Productions on his project, Blackwood.

In 100 words or less, tell us about your project:

Jesse Grillo: Blackwood is an ongoing horror series about Kai Blackwood. A man that has been able to see monsters his whole life and believes he suffers from a mental illness. Turns out, he is one of a handful of people that have the ability to see and possibility stop these creatures that are slowly invading from other dimensions. This Kickstarter is to help us pay for the first 3 issues.

Why Kickstarter?

Grillo: It’s one of the thousand roads I’m taking in an attempt to create comics. Crowdfunding has become an amazing thing for comic-book creators of all kinds. It’s still really tough to get funding, but Kickstarter is one of the tools creators can use to help bring their projects to life.


Why do you write comics?

Grillo: It’s the only thing that stops the voices.

How long have you been doing this and how long will you keep doing this without immediate success?

Grillo: I have been and will always be a story teller. I already have all the success I could ever want. People read my work and that makes me happy. I could be poor the rest of my life, as long as people are reading my dreams I could never ask for anything more.

How many hours a day do you write and how do you minimize distractions?

Grillo: 4-6 hours and I get rid of all distractions. If it takes away from writing I couldn’t care less. I killed my TV in college and I drop friends that aren’t supportive of my work. The writing comes first, always. Real friends understand that.

What’s the worst thing that you’ve ever written?

Grillo: I wrote a paper attacking a Kickstarter project because I felt they were asking for too much money. It was a classless thing of me to do and I still feel bad about it.

What’s the hardest part about working with an artist?

Grillo: Depends on the artist. Getting them to stick to time frames can be tough.

Marvel, DC, or other?

Grillo: Other. Kickstarter comics. You won’t find more unique stories anywhere else.

Would you rather write for your favorite comic, or create someone else’s favorite comic?

Grillo: Without question, create.

Digital comics are a boon to you or something to fear?

Grillo: Both. It helps me get my work to more people but I love hard copies.

Who inspires you?

Grillo: The support I get from people who like my work.

Last chance, state your case and beg them for their money.

Grillo: No begging. If you’re looking for a charity there are lots of options. If you want to buy comics and support a company that creates stories that are unlike anything you’ve read, consider supporting our current Kickstarter.

You can find the Kickstarter campaign for Blackwood here. You can find Mr. Grillo’s work in the following places:


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