While the most recent issue of Empire magazine is overflowing with Trekkie goodness, it also contains a few nuggets about Benedict Cumberbatch‘s next project. No, not Sherlock, though his 221 B flatmate, Martin Freeman, has something to say as well. What they’re talking about is the second Hobbit flick, The Desolation of Smaug.

The ending of An Unexpected Journey teases where the company of hobbit, wizard, and dwarves are going next, plus we’ve seen the image of Freeman playing in the gold (above) before. He had this to say about acting in it,

I’m Scrooge McBaggins. It’s about a million pieces. It’s the biggest pile of gold I’ve ever seen! Well, obviously – I’m not used to hanging out in big piles of gold! They’re all fake, obviously, but it was a big eff-off pile of gold made it very hard to walk on.

And Cumberbatch had this to say about bringing Smaug the Terrible to life,

We weren’t in the same room together. If Martin had been there, I would have wanted to play off him, but there are size issues. Smaug is bigger than the Hobbit – I think I can say that! This isn’t the riddles scene. It’s slightly different, it’s intricate. Smaug doesn’t engage with the Hobbit the same way as Smeagol does. Smeagol gets drawn in, whereas Smaug is on much more of an ego trip. He likes to feel dominant at all times, and because of what he’s capable of, he is.

Let the Smauglock, commence.

Are you excited for The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug? It releases next year, December 13th.

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