Well, Damn. Marvel Comics Kills [REDACTED]

I’ll stop you right here, right now. If you haven’t read Amazing Spider-Man #700, and would be really upset if you learned what happened before you read it, just stop. We’ll be here for you when you get back.

Otherwise, if you don’t give a shit about spoilers, then by all means, continue.

Yes, those rumors you’ve heard are true. After the oddball storyline of the body-swapping Peter Parker and Doc Ock, Marvel has gone and done the unthinkable, they’ve killed Spider-Man. For realz this time, guys, not like when they killed him in the Ultimate line in order to introduce Miles Morales. And, well, I guess it’s unfair to say they’ve killed Spider-Man, they’ve killed Peter Parker. Spider-Man will continue his web-slinging days with Dr. Otto Octavius under the mask. And under the flesh and bone of Peter Parker, because yeah, he’s Peter now, too.

It’s a comic book, did you actually expect this to make sense?

Needless to say, this is the kind of attention grabbing, fan enraging story that is all abuzz throughout nerdom. The death of Peter Parker and the transition of Doc Ock into Spider-Man is all part of the re-branding from Amazing Spider-Man to the Superior Spider-Man, which will feature a darker tone. But remember, we’re talking about comics, give it a year, maybe even less than that and Parker will be back and things will return to the status quo.

It’s a pretty big gamble writer Dan Slott took for the milestone 700th issue, and I have to commend his bravery for coming up with something so insane and just running with it. He told USA Today,

This is Moriarty in the head of Sherlock. This is Prince John inside of Robin Hood. This is the greatest villain inside the body of the greatest hero and trying to do good. This is a guy who was a couple steps way from a bucket list, and now he’s got a whole new lease on life. That’s really going to change him.

And to CBR he explained how this big change allows Spider-Man to appear to the readers as an untrustworthy menace, which is how characters like J. Jonah Jameson always saw him,

He had to be a hero in his own eyes, and on some level Otto Octavius is facing that struggle not with Spider-Man’s world but with the readership. How do you get more Peter Parker than that? Now the readers think he’s a menace. That’s exciting. On a meta level, that is Spider-Man.

As comic book deaths go, this one’s a shocker, but again, as comic book deaths go, this isn’t permanent. What do you think of Doc Ock taking over for Spidey? How long before Peter returns?

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  • Tom LaSusa

    Why do people have such ridiculous reactions over this? We’re talking about Marvel and DC comics — not an independent company, which might be more willing to take a gamble and kill off one of their main (though not as well-known) characters.

    Marvel and DC have never let a death or profound change to a character stick, nor will they. Superman: dead and back. Batman: back broken and back. Flash: dead for twenty years and back. Jean Grey? Dead and back. Professor X? Dead currently but that hasn’t stopped him in the past. And anyone that has still remained ‘dead’ has made more than their share of appearances thanks to time travel, alternate universes, etc.

    How long will this last? How about May 2, 2014 — when the next Spidey movie comes out.

    How? Simple. Ock didn’t actually switch their brains. He simply re-wrote them — overlaying his personality over Peter’s. So I predict we’ll start to see Peter’s personality push out again and try to take over. Or something.

    Instead of freaking out and sending death threats to the Marvel folks (and really? it’s a FREAKING comic book), how about we just let the story tellers tell their story and know that the hero always comes back in the end?

    • Nah, I’ll stick with telling them to Go to Hell and not reading them again. See, nerds work this way, if they don’t like it, cater to another niche… But they are welcome to continue their storytelling to a much smaller pool…

      • In all Honesty though, I stopped reading after the whole Civil War/Mephisto debacle, this is just further pissing on the grave.

        • chargeman

          and you started reading…right before Civil War?
          this might come as a surprise but not every superhero that dies stays dead forever and ever

      • Tom LaSusa

        Trust me, J.M. – I’ve had my share of shock and outrage over various changes to comic book characters, movies, role-playing rules, etc. I was pretty pissed at the Brand New Day story — and so far I’m not impressed with most of these Marvel changes. And New 52 has been lackluster at best. But they’re still selling, so someone must be buying.

  • IronDouche

    Doesn’t matter. My Spidey was properly killed off with BND and I haven’t been back since.

  • This is a TURD

  • MichaelRWorthingon

    I haven’t bought a Marvel comic since the Ben Reilly clone saga debacle. If they insult me as a reader, then they don’t get my money. Plain and simple.

    But AMS #700 is a top seller and you can blame all your dumb fellow fans for stunts like this. They support it with their money, so there will always be more nonsense like this.

  • Max

    Its just a chance to putz around with Spider-man’s power set again. Since BND seemed to retcon out The Other and despite the fact that Spider-man and Iron Man are on the same side Spider-man doesn’t use his totally awesome Spider-Armor. Doc Ock does some tinkering that the real Peter would never do and boom Peter gets an upgrade. When he comes back in 2014 (“surprisingly” just in time for ASM2) we’ll get to see Peter’s reaction. In the meantime, enjoy the ride. Real easy.