‘Mockingbird Lane’ Officially Dead

Herman Munster’s heart has beat it’s last with the announcement that NBC is not moving forward with Bryan Fuller‘s Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane. The official word came out earlier toady when Fuller tweeted:

That tweet marks the last shovel of dirt on the reboot’s grave. It was a rocky two year road for the show that faced multiple rewrites, casting issues, and lackluster NBC Brass support. Once NBC passed on the pilot, but decided to air it as a Halloween Special the series death was pretty much cast. Fans hoped a strong showing might bring the show back from the dead, but even 5.4 million total viewers couldn’t keep Herman’s heart beating.

What did you think of the pilot? I actually came around toward the end, but considering the ten million dollar price tag on the pilot I can see why NBC might be a little leery.

Via: Deadline

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  • Lord_of_the_Ninth

    Damn shame.

  • HeatherWind

    It really is a shame. I love Eddie Izzard, and thought by the end that this might have a chance. But I can see why they balked at the expense.

  • Well, at least they made more progress than Ghostbusters III ever did.