Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Nadya Sonika

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We’ve done an entire year of weekly cosplaying ladies that you’ve come to enjoy and with the last Friday of 2012 underway today is no different. Seeing as how we’ve bypassed the Mayan Apocalypse this final Sexy Cosplay of the Week is our way of ringing in the new year with Mexico’s own Nadya Sonika.

A seasoned traveler, Nadya Sonika has appeared at various conventions in both the United States and all over her home country of Mexico. Showing off her knockout model figure and stunning good looks this cosplay has been everything from a panelist to a guest of honor. You might have even seen the heavily passed around image of her as a female Cyclops from last year’s Comic-Con!

Using the highest quality materials she can find Nadya has done some of the most intricate costumes this nerd has ever seen. From Sucker Punch‘s Babydoll and Hellsing’s Seras Victoria to the more iconic characters like DC comics’ Zatanna and Black Canary. Check out more of Nadya after the jump.

Check out Nadya Sonika over at her personal page, Facebook, Deviant Art or World Cosplay for more and we’ll see you back here next week in 2013!

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  • Te amo Nadia

    buenísima, te amo :D