I’ll be honest: I’m a little apprehensive about this Arrested Development resurrection for one more season.  Maybe it’ll deliver.  Maybe it won’t.  In any case, diehard fans will get exactly what they asked for, and that’s more of one of our favorite dysfunctional families.

We have the official episode list for the upcoming fourth season, which will be released on Netflix on May 4th in the US, Canada and the UK (the places that are confirmed as of now, anyway).

Each episode is named after a character and this could provide some insight on what character developments to expect coming up.

Hit the jump for the episode list; some may find this spoiler-y, so peek at your own risk!

  • Michael 1
  • Michael 2
  • George Sr. 1
  • George Sr. 2
  • Lindsay 1
  • Lindsay 2
  • Tobias
  • Gob
  • Maeby
  • Lucille
  • Buster
  • George Michael 1
  • George Michael 2
  • Gob 2

It’s interesting that the Gob episodes are separated.  We don’t yet know for sure if the episodes can be watched in any order or if the sequences matters, so either way it’d be interesting to see how it all plays out.

What do you guys think?  Any speculation so far as to what you’d expect to see in the season given the episode titles we have?

Source: Fox Fast & ONTD LiveJournal via Bleeding Cool

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