As fantastic as the Halloween special was it wasn’t nearly enough Venture Bros., especially when you consider there hasn’t been a new season since 2010! And if you haven’t noticed, it’s now 2013. That’s almost three years with barely any new episodes! When can we expect to see the return of Dr. Venture, Brock, and the boys? Hopefully soon, promises co-creator Jackson Publick. Over the holiday break Publick gave a progress update on his blog and shared a bevy of teaser images from the much awaited Season 5,

Since we’re idiots who decided to write and produce our hour-long premiere episode last, we can’t start airing until the last episode is finished. I don’t currently know exactly when our premiere date is. I’ve heard it could be as soon as mid-March or as late as early May, but we’re racing to get that premiere special done in time for March.

And now that I’ve seen all of the episodes in one form or another, I can truthfully say it’s going to be a great season. The crew in every department of the production really stepped up their game (and new crew members brought new game)–the show’s never looked or sounded better. And as writers, Doc and I hit a really great, confident stride that, I think, combines some of the best qualities of seasons past with a uniquely season 5 freshness. A good mix of new characters and old (some of which haven’t been seen in quite a while), high adventure in exotic locations and internal strife on the home front. You will like it!

I hope we do, Jackson, devoted fans have waited too long only to be disappointed. Though, that would probably mesh better with the show’s overall theme of failure. Oh, who am I kidding? Season 5 is gonna rock! I’m pumped, are you?

Hit the jump for a sneak peek at what’s on the docket for Season 5.

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