Hugh Jackman is a serious triple threat. The man can act, sing, and dance. All pretty damn well, too. Jackman can do serious, intense drama, light-hearted comedy, and of course, rousing action. There’s really nothing he can’t do, so why would anyone doubt that’s his actual bod in the promo image for The Wolverine? Y’know the one (seen above) that shows Jackman off as a completely ripped uber-mensch.

There’s been some talk the image was digitally altered to add in the rippling muscles and poppin’ veins, but Jackman calls bullshit. It’s all him. On a recent episode of The Jeff Probst Show, Jackman said,

That’s all me, man. Because it was brutal getting there. And by the way, I asked the company if they could just… you’re spending millions on special effects, just help me out. I want to eat pizza and drink beer. And they said no. For that kind of body, I had to go up in weight, big, lift big and heavy, then strip down.

And I guess he really doesn’t have the option of pigging out again anytime soon since he’ll need to keep the killer bod for his bit in X-Men: Days of Future Past. Unless one of the horrors in the future is that Wolverine really lets himself go.

Did you ever think it was a fake when you first saw the image? I mean, I’ll give you some credit if you doubted it. At 44 years old the man puts all of us to shame. Hey, now’s the time to make those resolutions, 2013 could be your year to be as beefy as Wolverine.

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