While Captain America: The First Avenger wasn’t the stunning “marvel” fans expected, many people liked the connection between Steve Rogers and British agent, Peggy Carter. Chris Evans and Hayley Atwell both played their roles wonderfully, but with Cap’s forced cryogenic freeze and revival in the 21st century we never got to see what could have been – and we never will.

Viewers of The Avengers deleted scenes will know Peggy is alive and well, just a little old for Rogers. He might not want to show her his bald eagle is what I’m getting at. Unless Hayley is willing to undergo some prosthetic facial work for Captain America: The Winter Soldier her cameo is non-existent and will require recasting by directors Anthony and Joe Russo. According to TimeOut however, Atwell will have no part in The Winter Soldier whatsoever.

Now this isn’t due to casting issues or scheduling conflicts with Atwell, she simply will not return. Hit the jump for her response.

She won’t, she confirms, be back for the [Captain America] sequel, which moves the action into the present day.

Emilia Clarke, Jessica Brown Findlay, Teresa Palmer, Imogen Poots and Alison Brie are rumored to have already tested The Winter Soldier‘s new leading lady. Considering Peggy would be played by an older actress, should she cameo in some capacity, whoever gets cast would likely play Carter’s niece, Sharon Carter, from the currently continuity of the Marvel comics.

Even then, with Atwell not returning, expect someone to be the fiery British red head looking for a first date with an American hero. If we could sway the choosing in some way or another, we’d like to make a small suggestion:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is expected to start shooting in March and be released in theaters everywhere April 4th, 2014.

Source: /Film

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