Almost all movie and television actors these days are very well schooled in misdirection. In a world where spoilers are rampant it’s a must for stars to keep their mouths shut, and sometimes, to send fans and reporters off on wild goose chases. So what’s happening here? Billie Piper, during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, put to rest the rumors she’d be appearing as Rose in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special,

No. I’ve not been asked. I think Matt Smith said something in passing or in jest like ‘That would be nice,’ and it became something, but no.

Is that it? Absolutely no chance we’ll see Rose again? I don’t know, I’m doubtful. As companions go there really wasn’t anyone more important to the reboot Doctors than Rose. Nine fancied her, Ten was in love with her, and Eleven lives with the guilt. I’d think if they were trying to reunite The Doctor with any past companions, it’d be Rose. Especially if you consider there’s still a possibility David Tennant will return as Ten. Or even Ten’s clone. The one who’s living happily ever after in that parallel universe with Rose.

What are you guys thinking? Is Piper telling the truth? If she really hasn’t been asked, there’s still time. I’m looking at you Moffat.

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