Almost all movie and television actors these days are very well schooled in misdirection. In a world where spoilers are rampant it’s a must for stars to keep their mouths shut, and sometimes, to send fans and reporters off on wild goose chases. So what’s happening here? Billie Piper, during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton Show, put to rest the rumors she’d be appearing as Rose in the upcoming Doctor Who 50th anniversary special,

No. I’ve not been asked. I think Matt Smith said something in passing or in jest like ‘That would be nice,’ and it became something, but no.

Is that it? Absolutely no chance we’ll see Rose again? I don’t know, I’m doubtful. As companions go there really wasn’t anyone more important to the reboot Doctors than Rose. Nine fancied her, Ten was in love with her, and Eleven lives with the guilt. I’d think if they were trying to reunite The Doctor with any past companions, it’d be Rose. Especially if you consider there’s still a possibility David Tennant will return as Ten. Or even Ten’s clone. The one who’s living happily ever after in that parallel universe with Rose.

What are you guys thinking? Is Piper telling the truth? If she really hasn’t been asked, there’s still time. I’m looking at you Moffat.

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  • Master Blaster

    I’m crying fowl on this one, Billy will have some form of a cameo. She was part of the revival of the new series and it’s kind of a slap in the face not to include her.

  • Look, I hear a lot of people saying stuff like this, and it annoys me.

    The 50th anniversary is a time to celibrate the 50 years Doctor Who has been on the air. Not the last 7. We don’t need to see Donna, Rose and Rory meet each other. We don’t need to see Ten’s clone, all we need is the Doctors; Baker to Tennant; to return. Stop begging for randum New Series cast members to do stuff, it wont happen and it SHOULDN’T.

  • Alsia

    Please don’t have her return. Rose almost ruined Doctor Who for me.

  • LadyHarkness54

    I would love to see Rose and Jack. I hope Ten and Rose will be there. Jack would be awesome to have back. I think what makes Doctor who so wonderful is himself and the amazing people he meets along the way. The Doctors companions are a huge part of the story and the show. They are not random. They are “brilliant”. They are the people that the Doctor chose to travel with, put his life in their hands countless times and even save the day when the Doctor had his hands tied or needed help. The companions are his friends and that is what makes them important. It would be nice to see Martha too. I don’t know how they could bring Donna Noble back- that would be tricky, but I would love to see her again. I miss Rory and Amy, but I can’t think of how they could bring them back for the 50th. Like Donna, it would be tricky. Anyone remember the season 4 finally with all the companions? It was EPIC. It even had Rose’ mum and Mickey. I Think Rose’ mum would only work with Tennant and nine. She wouldn’t have the same banter with Smith. Maybe Jack could bring Gwen Cooper along. IDK. I’ve loved them all. River Song is a must have. I just have to see her one last time, even though we had seen her end already. To make her last ep the 50th would be the proper send off of her character.