Man, is Empire magazine simply ripe with goodies lately, or what? I mean, it’s always been a stellar movie magazine, but recently they’ve been featuring tons of great stuff to nerd over. With the latest issue being all Star Trek Into Darkness we’ve got 11 high resolution images to share as well as some quotes from franchise newcomers Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve.

In their interview the two touch on a variety of topics from auditioning to working with their fellow cast members and, of course, the pressure surrounding being a part of Star Trek. I pulled a few quotes, which you can find below the cut, but I do suggest checking out their whole interview.

On Chris Pine….

Cumberbatch: Ah, Chris. He’s got something on his face, the dirty boy. Seriously though, Kirk really goes through it by the end of the film…

Alice Eve: Actually, when you spilt food on your costume on set, that was called ‘doing a Chris Pine’ because he did it that much.

Cumberbatch: He did keep doing a Pine… He’d just take a drink in his hand and forget to put his mouth to it. The boy – sorry, the man – was so tired carrying that film, I’ve got to say. He’s brilliant in it, I’m really excited to see his performance.

Eve: A lot of us in the film, especially Spock and Bones, serve as Kirk’s alter egos of logic and morality, but I do think in this film, after winning the captaincy in the previous movie, we see him earn it… spiritually, really, and sort of philosophically. Other ways than the practical earning of it.

Cumberbatch: It’s like he’s the son in the first and the father in the second, almost, don’t you think? Not as an actual father, though, that’s not a storyline at all, but I mean that he’s become a father to his crew.

Do you feel a lot of pressure, joining this world of Star Trek, with all its legions of fans already on board?

Eve: I see fan bases as a gift, really. A wonderful thing to be able to engage with, because as actors you want to show your work… Hopefully they like it, of course, but you definitely can’t please everyone all of the time.

Cumberbatch: That way madness lies… I think that’s the thing, isn’t it? If you have an over preoccupation with perception and trying to please people’s expectations, then you can go mad. We’ve got J.J. Abrams, and he’s already beautifully cracked that nut in the first film, and I think it pleased a lot of the varying camps: people who were coming to the franchise for the first time, the J.J. Abrams fans and the Star Trek fans, so that was a big comfort to me.

It’s always a compact between me and the writers and the directors – the people who are hiring me to do the job – and if I’m making them happy, I can trust that it’ll make fans happy as well… You know, ‘Sherlockies’ – as they’re probably known now, after Trekkies – have a long history. Jeremy Brett and Basil Rathbone are huge icons, playing a character that’s been taken on by different people over 70 times – you know, it’s the most played fictional character of all time – so having done two series of that and being reasonably confident we’re doing all right with it, and I’m doing all right with him, I’m not… overly confident about this, but I’m just saying it’s something you don’t let preoccupy yourself.

Basically, what she said, but in a 1000 words.

And then there’s this hilarious story I somehow missed out on when it happened,

What did you make of the memes that sprang up from the photos Simon Pegg and Zachary Quinto posted from your night in a bar in San Francisco?

Cumberbatch: Ha, that was a brilliant night. One of the best things that came out of that was a fan recasting all the guys as characters from Zoolander, one of my favourite films, bobbing our heads in the jeep, having their juice just before they spray each other with petrol and set each other alight…

Simon and Zach and Chris are pulling faces, then I’m in the background, popping up from behind Zach, this interloper having a fantastic time with these three guys from the first film, but in a good way. It was joyous, honestly. That really reminds me of what a good time we had around the film, despite how much work we had to do and the occasionally absurd hours, but never ever has anyone been happier to do all of that because we know the results are going to be fun for everyone…

Man, what I would have given to be at that Hooters.

Star Trek Into Darkness releases later this year on May 17th.

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