Thirty-six years of film, animation, toys and video games and you’ve sold your company for $4 billion dollars only to donate the lions share to charity (roar), yes that is the life of George Lucas (THX1138, Red Tails) right now. A life he is about to share.

A representative for Lucasfilm confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the former founder and president of Lucasfilm has asked longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson for her hand in holy matrimony. Multiple sources have also picked up on the announcement including the Huffington Post, USA Today and MTV on Lucas’ engagement to the 43-year-old businesswoman, Dreamworks animation chairman, and contributor to morning talk show Good Morning America.

This will be Hobson’s first walk down the aisle and George’s second, having been formerly been married film editor Marcia Lou Griffin. Hobson will also become a part of Lucas’ extended family, becoming the step mother to George’s three children Amanda, Katie and son Jett. The couple of seven years have never been shy of their love for one another (grraowl) appearing regularly together at red carpet events so seeing the pair tie the knot is actually a really smart decision for the two, they’re nuts for each other.

We here at Nerd Bastards wish all the best for the happy couple.

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