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This week on The Bastardcast, Jason and Jeremy are talking about League’s of Justice, overrated Avengers, a divided Joseph Gordon Levitt, Sam Jackson yelling, Panda Blood, and a crude video game sex analogy. What comes after that? Stop crowding me with your questions! Also, the boys weigh in on Dave Mustaine‘s need to get a good man an affordable suit, a woman who prefers plaid, evolutionary fists of love, catsup kerfuffles, the land o’ Hobbits, the kvetching Dead, and the one trillionth argument about what a real nerd* is.

The Bastardcast: We haven’t yet been yelled at by Sam Jackson, but we are always open to the opportunity.
*Here’s the article that the fellas take issue with, and here is the article that they praise. 

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  • I liked the I disagree segment at the the end. The bastard cast has taken on a a more serious tone with some issues the last few weeks(maybe it was like that before I listened) but I do like it with all the nonsense. Made an hour in my car fly by today. Although I would have liked thoughts on the trailers from MOS and Pacific Rim when they hit since those had nerdery going wild for awhile.

    • Jason T.

      Hey Jeyh, thanks for listening. We sadly covered Pac Rim in a “lost episode” that was recorded a few weeks ago (when we had that down period of about 10 days) but we had some technical issues on the audio end that made the whole thing unlistenable. Essentially, we gushed uncontrollably about Pac Rim and both agreed that it is the film we are most looking forward too for 2013. Also there was a butt ton of BWAAAAAMMMMM!!!!! references.

      As for serious issues, we like to mix it up and we always have. something to say when serious issues make themselves relevant on our radar. With that said, being a giggle inducing distraction is where our bread is buttered and we are so happy you like being distracted by us.

      As for our past eps, there are about 34 of them and there is some goodness there. Don’t worry that it’s too topical, us discussing superhero sex lives, acting out a scene from the worst Roadhouse sequel script you can imagine, and me doing a Skeletor impression while reading passages from 50 Shades of Grey is evergreen.

      Also, at some point, we’re going to have to pull some of our best bits and put them up on Youtube, so there is that.

      Again, we really appreciate the kind words, the constructive notes, and your listening. There are so many casts you could spend your time with, we feel really fortunate that — more and more — people are choosing to spend that time with us. Cause we’re sexah.