I’m sure we all remember – though I’m also sure we’d like to forget – the doomed Wonder Woman pilot from a couple years ago. It was a huge misstep in what could have been the Amazon’s return to glory and a chance for her to receive equal representation as a member of the DC’s Trinity. But alas, it sucked, and never even aired.

Now, another mythic superheroine is speaking out about what was so horribly wrong with David Kelly’s failed attempt and how she thinks a Wonder Woman TV show should be handled. Listen up producers of the CW’s upcoming Amazon, the Lady Sif, Jaimie Alexander, has some pointers for you,

Let’s talk about this for a second. You have very few female superheroes dominating films these days, unless they’re in a skin tight outfit and their boobs are pushed up to their chin. It’s not okay. All she does is sit and eat ice cream while she’s crying over a boy. I know that never aired, but that’s what the script said.

There needs to be a positive role model. If you’re going to make ‘Wonder Woman,’ make it like ‘The Bourne Supremacy.’ Let’s do something awesome like that. Like ‘Alias.’ That was a fantastic show. Why can’t we do that? Why does she have to be in hot pants and spandex? I get it, it’s visually stunning for half of the people, but at least make her grow a pair!

I would also suggest staying as far away from how Wonder Woman is portrayed in the current run of Justice League. Seriously, Superman needs to teach her how to be a hero?! Suggests she take on a secret identity!?! Ugh. It’s like they don’t even know who she is anymore!

How do you think Wonder Woman should be portrayed, in either film or TV? We know the premise for Amazon is looking for a younger Diana, but what about the Justice League movie?

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