Sexy Cosplay of the Week: Soni Aralynn

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Greetings programs, with a long week of news behind us it’s time for that break everyone needs. It’s time for a healthy dose of the Sexy Cosplay of the Week, a booster shot of happiness all on one page and this week it’s 10cc’s of Soni Aralynn. Stat!

After her first convention, this cosplaying vixen has been steamrolling her way across the United States with her custom made costumes. A seamstress and model that loves to keep herself busy in between by doing commissions for fans, Soni is also a huge Power Rangers fan. Often referred to as the “Sentai SuperChick” a name she can live up to with her multiple Power Ranger based costumes and encounter with former green Ranger and professional MMA fighter Jason David Frank. Don’t act like you’re not impressed.

Even with all these celebrity encounters and multiple convention appearances Soni draws people in with her charming personality, alluring figure and collection of costumes. From her unique take on DC Comic‘s 90s’ Superboy and Star Sapphire, Marvel‘s Russian super spy the Black Widow to the Power Rangers Dino Thunder’s Kira Ford. Check out more of Soni in the gallery after the jump.

To see more of Soni Aralynn be sure to head over to her YouTube or Facebook page for more.

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