And Now Gary Busey Explains Hobbits (Spoilers)

The modern world can be a scary and confusing place. I imagine its quite the same in Middle Earth, the magical land of the Hobbit. Luckily Academy Award nominated Gary Busey is on YouTube to guide us through lands both real and imagined. Clocking in at just over two minutes, Gary unravels the habits and happenings of the J. R. R. Tolkien creations. Did you know that hobbits wear cockroaches in their hair and fashion necklaces out of them to be ‘closer to nature’ or that they travel in packs of four so they may complete tasks ‘efficiently and quickly?’ How about the fact that you can’t tell a boy hobbit from a girl hobbit?

Dude. Spoiler alert that s#!t, some of us haven’t seen the movie yet!

Mr. Busey would also like to know if any of you believe you may have been a hobbit in a past life, if so he welcomes you to talk with him about Hobbitism which I can only assume is the religion that shall spring forth from this clip.

Source: The Busey Zone via The Mary Sue

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