Arrow will be back on the CW tomorrow evening at 8pm and with it the continuation of Oliver Queen’s struggle to become the hero Starling City deserves (as well as my episode recaps!). Speaking with The Huffington Post, executive producers Marc Guggenheim and Greg Berlanti dished all about where the show’s going next. And I do mean dish, their article is littered with SPOILERS for the second half of Arrow‘s first season.

Berlanti discussed how our, as in the fan’s, response to the first half of the season influenced what they’re doing with the second,

We were able to go through the hell of the first seven or eight [episodes] that I think you have to go to, to sort of calibrate how to make a good episode and how to make it on time and on budget and all that stuff, and [we started] to get real, true audience feedback about what people are enjoying most. So this next run of episodes is the byproduct of a conversation we’ve had with the audience and then also our own learning curve in terms of how to make better episodes.

Good to know. I’d hate for them to come back with crappier episodes. The series has definitely improved as it’s gone on, as long as they keep that up I’m pumped for the show’s return. Be sure to check out HuffPo’s entire write up for all the details about where Arrow‘s going next, what new villains will pop up, which old villains will be teaming up, and more.

In the meantime, here’s a gallery of new promo images from tomorrow night’s episode, “Trust But Verify”, as well as some on set pics snapped of newcomer Colton Hayes, who’ll be playing Roy Harper.

And lastly, what are the odds we’ll see Arrow crossover with the CW’s other planned show featuring a DC superhero, Amazon? Not bad, actually, but it all depends on what the showrunners want to do. As reported by IGN, CW president Mark Pedowitz also put an end to any chance Bruce Wayne could come to Arrow,

At this time, no. And regarding your next question, regarding is Batman going to make a trip to [Arrow’s] Starling City, they’re not in the same state.

Well, shucks. Oh well, what are you look forward to from Arrow‘s second half of season one?

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