Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’ – IN SPACE!

Way back in the day, following the release of the respectably successful movie Troy, there was talk of adapting yet another of the famous poet Homer’s works to film format.  The original idea was to make it a follow up to Troy, keeping it in the same historical vein.  But since that didn’t pan out, it looks like there’s a new approach to the subject.  Warner Bros. has decided it is time for The Odyssey to make its way to the big screen, although this time they want to do it… in space!

The Odyssey, for those that managed to dodge 10th grade English in school, details the return of Odysseus from the battle of Troy.  Along the way he encounters all sorts of crazy shit, including a Cyclops and some hottie sirens.  If you’ve ever seen Oh Brother, Where Art Thou, you’ve already witnessed the best out-of-time adaptation made so far.

The new space-epic will be scripted by James DiLape (Devils At Play), yet another screenwriter that virtually no one has heard of.  Let’s hope he knows his epic poetry enough to not screw this up too much.

To make this story even more entertaining, Warner Bros. is thinking that this might be the start of a beautiful relationship.  In other words, they want to franchise this sucker out if it sells tickets.  Yes, we may be looking forward to a whole series of Greek poet rip-offs in the near future.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait and see if this turns into something better than it first appears to be.


Thanks to /film for the heads-up.

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