Things are slowly progressing for the CW‘s new Wonder Woman show, Amazon. As of now there’s no finalized script and nobody’s been cast, but that’s okay. David E. Kelly has admitted his Wonder Woman pilot was a rushed production which likely played a role in it not being picked up, – and being incredibly sucky – so I’m okay with slow. What I’d like, though, is to at least know who’s going to play Diana, Amazon princess and eventual Wonder Woman.

And here’s our first candidate, Scottish actress Amy Manson, best known for appearing in two episodes of Torchwood and a variety of other U.K. television shows. The Evening Express of Scotland reports she’s made it through two rounds of auditions and is currently awaiting to hear if she’ll be coming to the States to continue the process. Manson shared, “it’s a brilliant script, all about her younger years. It seems a lot edgier than past series.” Of course, she can’t be talking about the actual script as, like I said, there isn’t one, but these audition sides were leaked earlier.

Honestly, I don’t know much about Manson other than she’s 27 which sounds a little old for the spin on Wonder Woman they’re going for. Then again, she sure looks young enough and choosing not to cast a teenager will likely help in establishing Diana as a force to be reckoned with. She’s Wonder WOMAN, not Wonder GIRL. Here’s hoping we’ll know who is playing the Amazon soon, I’d like to see this show premiering in the fall and, I’m sure, so would the CW.

Speaking of Wonder Woman, Jaimie Alexander has been pretty vocal about what she thinks is needed to make a Wonder Woman show successful as well as the representation of female superheroes in general. You probably best know Alexander as the Lady Sif from Thor and soon Thor: The Dark World, but she’s a bonafide superhero fan and not just because she plays one in the movies.

Last week Alexander spoke with MTV about Kelly’s failed Wonder Woman pilot and female superheroes, today’s she’s back with more. Below the cut you’ll find an excerpt from Alexander’s interview with Mania where she talks more about a Wonder Woman TV show and the state of women in action films, particularly the superhero genre.

Jaimie once again touches on the failed NBC Wonder Woman show as she addresses a question about the state of women in action films.
Alexander: I think you’re going to see a lot more great roles for women in action movies, and I think that’s due to the superhero genre being so big right now. Male superheroes are a dime a dozen. Female superheroes not so much. There’s a lot of them in comic books, but not in films, and I think that will change in the very near future. There’s a huge open door for women there, to play these positive and strong – legitimately strong – characters that aren’t just about big boobs and overt sexuality.

Of course, having said that, they have to do justice to those roles. They tried to reboot Wonder Woman, which was a huge embarrassment if you ask me. Adrianne Palicki’s great, but you can’t take someone – no matter how talented – and put them in a trashy costume, then say they’re supposed to be a positive role model for women. I don’t think she got into it thinking that’s what they’re going to do, and I think she played her hand as well as she could, but that project was just not the way to go.

On whether she’d ever want to play Wonder Woman herself.
Alexander: I’ve actually been approached a couple of times about it. I think right now, my loyalty is to Marvel. But yes, I’d love to play more characters like Sif: keep the young girls of the world safe from slutty costumes and poorly written scripts!

She also fields a question about Thor: The Dark World but doesn’t reveal any spoilers.
Alexander: Nothing too juicy. Even Sif must respect the power of the NDA. [Laughter.] I can say that we explore the relationship between Thor and Sif a little more in this film. And you get to see a lot more of the people of Asgard, what their daily lives are like. We get to explore a couple of other worlds as well. I think the fans are really going to like it.

Over on, Alexander answered a question about how her role as Lady Sif has changed her career.
Alexander: It’s definitely helped me find my niche which is action films. And I enjoy them very much. A lot of people [ask] ‘what’s a dream role for you, what’s something you haven’t done’ and really, right now, I’m enjoying action films. It’s what I want to do. I’ve been lucky that my career has taken me down that path.

What are your hopes for a Wonder Woman TV show, especially Amazon? Do you think Amy Manson is the woman to fill those star-spangled shorts?

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