Expectations are riding high for Iron Man 3. It’s a franchise that began so strong with its first flick, kind of faltered with its second, then Iron Man was a smash in The Avengers, and we’re all awaiting how Tony Stark- err, Robert Downey, Jr. – Oh, who am I kidding!? They’re the same person! – can top it? In a few recent interviews, Don Cheadle, Rhodey a.k.a. War Machine a.k.a. maybe Iron Patriot, talked about the film’s tone and teased some “spoilers.”

Cheadle told E!,

The tone is there’s more of an existential journey that Tony’s on trying to come to grips with this thing that he created that is creating him, too. Who’s really in control? And the toll that it takes on his relationships. And then a lot of s–t blows up. Which is what you want in Iron Man 3.

Speaking with Enstarz about those high expectations,

I hope that it performs to those levels. We did a little piece of it at Comic-Con and people went crazy. The script is good. We’re doing a couple re-shoots next week, but I’m encouraged.

And some “spoiler” talk,

I’m not supposed to say that he kills Robert Downey Jr.’s character. Is that a spoiler? That would be a spoiler. You knew that was coming. You read the comic books. I will just say that the buddy relationship that these guys have gets tighter. The third act set piece for the big finale is bigger and badder. It’s just a lot more.

Iron Man 3 releases May 3rd. Guys, that’s only four months away!! Time to start getting pumped for another summer of blockbusters! It’s my favorite time of year.

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