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ABOVE: Here is the thing internet, I have always been disturbed by Krang. Even when I was a kid and he was just a cartoon character. Now, as an adult, I’m even more disturbed by this cosplay…. which, I guess means the costume is a success? [Geekologie]

Ever wanted to snuggle up with Harry and the gang? Ew, not like that. I said snuggle not snog! …. oh but maybe there’s a Tom Riddle pillow…. um…… right…. SO, now you can snuggle with your favorite Gryffindor with these adorbs pillows! [Nerdist]

Have an extra $60,500 laying around? If you do, then you can own this handmade X-Wing table. It might seem a little pricey but considering it took 6 months to build, it’s not too bad. [NerdApproved]

We all want to be like Jean-Luc Picard. Let’s face it, he’s the epitome of cool. Now you can own a replica of the Ressikan flute that he played in the episode “The Inner Light.” Owning it probably won’t make you as suave as Picard, but at least you can pretend. [Geek Alerts]

Hot Toys is showing off a bunch of their prototypes including Iron Man, Batman and Terminator. Head over to Geek Tyrant for more photos.

Even bounty hunters like to bake! [Her Universe]

It’s things like a Wookie made entirely out of seaweed that make life worth living. [technabob]

If you weren’t disturbed enough by the Krang cosplay, here’s a M.O.D.O.K marionette! Happy nightmares, kids!! [Obvious Winner]

I really liked Looper (I even wrote about it!), but one can’t deny that there were some mistakes. Here they all are in under 3 minutes. [ComicBookMovie]

I wasn’t on board with this Schwarzenegger dub of Darth Vader until I heard the line “Let’s play a game called Who Is My Daddy And What Does He Do.” [The Mary Sue]

Jedi Camp is a fan created and Kickstarter funded film series to teach kids how to handle bullying. Unfortunately, dealing with bullies is something us nerds are all too familiar with. Check out the 4 webisodes available now and share them with your young Jedis.

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