I guess we can say it’s official (unofficially) J.J. Abrams second Star Trek movie, Star Trek Into Darkness, will give Klingons an all new look. Well the look isn’t new per se as it was first (not) seen in 2009’s Star Trek in a scene that ended up on the cutting room floor, but now it’ll hit wide release this May in comic book form. IDW‘s prequel book, meant to bridge the gab between the two movies, will feature everyone’s favorite bearded/turtle headed warrior aliens in it’s forth issue.

I have to say, I kinda like the new look. It is ties in enough with what we have seen before (and let’s be honest, over the past 75 years Klingons have changed their appearance a few times) with just enough of a twist to freshen things up a bit. Par for the course it seems for Abrams mark on the Trek franchise.

You can check out the books cover after the great spoiler protecting jump.

I love how the helmet maintains the iconic forehead ridges, but I have one tiny little question. See, Abrams Trek takes place in the era of the original series and if you recall, back then Klingons were really just sweaty overly tanned dudes with think eyebrows and mustaches. Basically guys from New Jersey. Will Abrams Klingons have the forehead ridges? Is this some way of working around updating TOS Klingons, giving them the look modern audiences feel accustomed too yet keeping true to their smooth forheads?

If Abrams Klingons do have wrinkle bone skulls, will that not contradict the (I believe canon accepted) Klingon augment virus/Levodian flu explanation for the difference between old look, and old new look Klingons.

Alright Star Trek nerds, I think this calls for debate, wild speculation, and the most heated discourse since we finally settled the whole Kirk v. Picard thing…

… We settled that, right?

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  • They should have ridges for a couple of reasons. First the reason in canon for non ridged and ridged Klingons is incredibly lame. Officially there was some event that no Klingon can speak of. Please.

    Also in the Enterprise pilot the Klingons had ridges. Even the new timeline takes place post NX-01.

  • sjcloudxiii

    In the prequel series, Star Trek: Enterprise, they explained how the smooth headed Klingons were created by using eugenics tech and tissue samples (like how Khan was created) taken from humans.

    The eugenic human DNA was so aggressive that it started overwriting the Klingon DNA, giving us the smooth heads. They were considered a lower caste of Klingon and sent out into the dangers of space exploration and became pretty much extinct by the time of the original cast’s movies (or, in reality, when the FX teams got a bigger budget).

    So, in theory, Abrams could actually have either/both in his universe. Personally, I’d like to see both but that would be a lot to explain in two hours, especially when Klingons aren’t the main plot driving the story.

  • MarkInBlack

    I thought that wasn’t discussed with outsiders?

  • I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed by TrekMovie that the klingons have ridges.